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World Class Working Dogs
& Professional Canine Trainers Courses

Logan Haus Kennels is located in the beautiful Greenbrier Valley in southeast West Virginia. We specialize in professional canine trainers courses and breeding world class working police and sport dogs.

We start with the highest quality dogs available and only breed dogs that have passed the most rigorous health and temperament testing. It is our belief that in order to produce the best working dogs possible, you must first start with dogs that possess an almost unmanageable amount of drive, power and courage for your breeding program, then raise the puppies with absolute commitment and attention to detail during their first year. Our puppy program prepares the dog for every possible environmental stress he will encounter on the street. Please go to our Breeding Program Page for more information on purchasing one of our puppies.

We are always evolving as trainers and teachers. We are blessed to have been able to train with some of the very best working dog trainers in the industry over the last 25 years, and it is our goal to share the knowledge we have learned with those who are truly interested in becoming better trainers. Our classes teach students mechanical skills and a thorough understanding of animal behavior required to effectively and efficiently communicate with dogs in a way that is clear and concise. 

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Our annual K9 Mud Run is set to return in October 2023!

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