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Can I stop by to visit your facility?

We are not open to the public without an appointment. Students attending our classes and clients picking up puppies/dogs are of course welcome. Attending a class at our facility is the best way to gain insight into our breeding program and training style. 

How do I get to your facility?

All visitors must have an appointment.

Our facility can be a bit difficult to find on GPS and phone mapping programs.

Please click here to find us using Google Maps. Our address is 

514 Rolling Hills Farm Road

Lewisburg, WV 24901

The city may come up as Crawley or Williamsburg.

Once you reach the gravel drive, stay left at the first fork, right at the second.


What is your health and working guarantee?

While we will not sell puppies that do not meet our standards as working prospects, we cannot predict how a puppy will work when it matures. A puppy’s genetics may give it the ability to make a fine working dog, but the training and exposure it receives once it leaves our facility influences what it becomes perhaps even more so than its genetic makeup. We hope you will trust us to do our best to help you select the best puppy for your needs and, in doing so, we must also put our trust in you that you will do your best to raise your puppy appropriately and help it reach its genetic potential. 

Each puppy is sold with a 2-year genetic health replacement guarantee. In an effort to be fair and as a measure to ensure the puppies we stand behind are going to competent handlers, we also offer a working guarantee to individuals who have credible experience in the venue they have selected their puppy for or to individuals who are working with other credible trainers. Please contact us to further discuss our working guarantee.

Are your dogs AKC registered? 

No, our dogs are from 100% working Dutch KNPV bloodlines imported directly from Holland. They are not FCI or AKC dogs. The Dutch KNPV program uses mostly "X" Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. We believe a large part of what makes the KNPV dogs better for our type of work is the fact that they are not kept within the confines of an "FCI/AKC box". The Dutch program breeds for working and health qualities first and foremost without regard to whether or not the dogs are registered. Our dogs are not sold with any type of "papers" or registration certificates. Our dogs are listed in the Dutch pedigree database, but that is only to track pedigrees; it is not a registry.

Is there a difference between your Malinois and Dutch Shepherds?  

We breed 100% Dutch KNPV line dogs. In these lines, some dogs are fawn colored and some are brindle; there is no difference other than color. Most of our litters have a mix of both colors and our breedings are done without regard to the color of the dogs.
The brindle ones are referred to as Dutch Shepherds and the fawn ones are referred to as Malinois, though they are not purebred dogs. In the lines that we use here at Logan Haus Kennels there is no difference in the workability, character, or temperament of the pups, regardless of their color.

How big will my Logan Haus Kennels dog be?

Our dogs vary in size but overall are slightly larger than average Malinois or Dutch Shepherds. Our males usually mature between 70-90 pounds and our females usually mature between 50-70 pounds. We can make no guarantees as to the size of our puppies upon maturity, but most are larger sized dogs.

Do your dogs make good family dogs? 

We only breed dogs with the goal of producing high drive, strong working dogs; we do not breed to produce pets.
However, most of our dogs can live in a family situation if they are given the appropriate amount of training, physical and mental stimulation daily, and they are very clear as to where they fit into the family dynamic. Many of our puppies go on to do very well within a family structure.

Can my deposit go toward a specific combination? 

We do not typically take deposits for a specific litter.

It is in your best interest to let us pick you the best puppy available instead of getting locked into a puppy from a specific litter. We make all picks for clients based on their preferences and what they plan to do with the puppy. It's easier for us to get you a nice puppy if we are not limited to a specific pairing.

In the past, we have had clients determined to get a puppy from a specific combination who have come to pick up their puppy only to find a puppy from another litter they like much better but are unable to purchase since they are committed to one specific litter.

All of our breeding dogs are very similar in temperament, drive, and health and are from similar bloodlines. Every puppy we sell as a working prospect is comparable to the next. It is in our best interest to get you the best puppy available.

What if I am not ready for a puppy when my name reaches the top of the waitlist?

Once your name reaches the top of our waitlist, it stays there until you are ready for a puppy. We have a lot of clients who choose to put down their deposit even a few years in advance so that they are able to purchase a puppy whenever they are ready. We just ask that you reach out to us whenever you are ready and we will get you on the list for our next available litter at that time.

However, if we contact you about a litter and you commit to purchasing a puppy from that litter and then back out at the last minute, this puts us in a major bind. If a clients gives us less than 2 weeks notice that they will no longer be able to purchase the puppy in the timeline they have previously committed to, they automatically forfeit their deposit.

Is my deposit refundable? 

All payments are non-refundable and your deposit never expires (with the exception of the situation listed above). The deposit locks in your total price and your price will not go up no matter how long before you use your deposit. All sales are final and no refunds will be offered for any reason. If a genetic health problem is discovered before the age of two years Logan Haus Kennels will exchange the puppy with another puppy from an upcoming litter.


When is your class schedule updated?

Because we use our own puppies as training models in all of our classes, we plan class dates as soon as we confirm a breeding has taken. We update the website as often as possible to ensure you have an up to date class schedule. For notifications of new class dates, follow us on Facebook as we update our event pages there.

What is the average class size?

All classes are limited to 10 working spots, with the additional opportunity to audit. We keep our student to instructor ratio low to ensure you get as much personalized attention as possible.

Can I bring my own dog to class?

This answer varies depending on the class.

For our 3-day class, you may bring any puppy under about 16 weeks. Contact us if you have any questions about your particular puppy.

For our 5-day class, each student is allowed to bring one dog to work with. Students who do not bring a dog will be assigned one out of our kennel. Keep in mind, if your dog lacks the proper food or toy drive, it will be a long and painful week for everyone.

For our 4-week detection class, we allow each student to bring their own dog. Due to the nature of this class, we require all dogs be properly motivated for food and a toy. Please refer to the Detection Trainers Course page for more information.

Does my class tuition include housing?

No, payment for classes cover course materials and class fees only. Housing and food are the responsibility of the student.
There are several hotels, including Super 8, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, and Fairfield Inn within 30 minutes of our facility in Lewisburg, WV.
There is also the Greenbrier River Campground, which is setup for tents or RVs along with rental cabins and RVs, about 30 minutes from our facility.

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