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Are you interested in marker training, detection work, protection sports, or just want to be a better trainer? Our Puppy Imprinting & Development Course is a fantastic introduction to all things dog training. Whether you bring your own puppy (under 16 weeks old), or you use one of ours, you will leave this 3 day class with knowledge you can immediately apply to your own dogs.

This course is designed around three classroom lectures over three days, with a couple hours of practical application during each of those days. The topics covered include Operant and Classical Conditioning, Odor Detection, Drive Building and Grip Development, and Puppy Selection.
During this 3-day course the practical application portion of the class will be as follows:
Students will learn how to begin odor detection with a 7-10 week old puppy. They will teach the puppy to recognize one target odor, ignore many distractor odors such as food and toys, and perform a consistent search pattern.
Students will learn how to shape basic behaviors with puppies.
Students will also learn how to safely work grip development in a puppy, and how to correctly reinforce proper biting technique. They will learn how to teach the dog the way to control the adversary by applying and relieving pressure (stress) at the critical time to communicate to the dog that his behavior controls the fight.
Students are permitted to each bring a puppy of their own under 16 weeks, or they will be assigned a puppy to use for the class.
Class size is limited to 10 working spots. We do sometimes allow audit spots.
Enrollment is contingent upon payment received in full. Any unpaid working slots can be filled on a first paid, first served basis.

Registration is $636 including tax.

Please use the PayPal link on this page to pay to register and message us to make sure we get you on the roster.

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